ARTICLE: Nothingness - By Excel Michael

Close your eyes
Close your eyes and imagine
Focus on the images forming right now
So many right?

Now stretch forth your minds hands and pick
Yes pick it, you could reach it.

Tell me what do you see,
Your best memories?
Your worst nightmare?
Or absolutely nothing?
Everything faded in the dark, it's pitch black
But look beyond the nothingness,

Breathe slowly
Focus on that nothing for just a second, a minute, an hour, as long as you want.

Let nothing else matter in nothing.
All the pains drowned
Breathe in, and out
Exhale like it's your last, and breath in like your life depends on it

Now take a brush from nothing and let's paint
New colors, or maybe text
A whole new world, the kind we could only dream about,
Let's paint our essence in HD pictures.

Now open those eyes,
Look at its reflection in the mirror,
See what you saw when they were closed in nothingness,
Beautiful right? I could see your smiles you know
You found that beauty in disguise.
That beauty hid in nothingness.


#boy from the South side of the North

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