The Way Through Love - By Ben Mark

What we need to do to make heaven ?

When I scroll down in Facebook these days I don't see the Marlians disturbing our peace with the Marlians code anymore but all I see is "the end is near" "the beginning of the end" "the end of the world" etc. and in the site of these phrase I feel this pain and sadness, this fear of the reality which is to come, and why do I feel that?,


I feel that for the sake of the world, when I say the world, I meant the people living in it, the tender cute kids who are oblivious about what's happening just living a life of eat, play and sleep.

The young adults who live operating in the perverted principles of the world about sex, love, fun and basically focusing on fleshly and instant gratification.

The male and female adults who are supposed to be role models to the young, now living a life for the party, model of irresponsibility, drugs, sex and crime.

Having the old sitting miserably and hopeless in their old wooden chair in the village at the front of their three bedroom flat built from their retirement salary or farm works, or the same old living in the city who are the grand theft masters of our time, looting and stealing other people's rightfully earned money and resources just to send their somewhat spoilt kids to school abroad, living the life of "I can have what I want"

And then the so-called spiritual people who are religion fanatics, making the activity of going to church and mosque everyday their act of justification to be right with God, obviously living hypocritic just as a wolf wearing a sheep clothing.

And the set of confused people called atheist who base their beliefs on human abilities, that existence has nothing to do with any supernatural being called God, why because they don't believe in anything that certifies the word super-natural. Their cliche, “seeing is believing"

We have billions of people living lives in this world that don't check God's list of making heaven. It’s only a fact that when the end comes as everyone is actually saying is here, then a whole lot of us in this world won't make it.


Now we've all been told some formula

Yes, a formula instead of the true way. Now the formula is more like believe in the death of Jesus Christ, just believe and you will make heaven, which most people believe and use that as justification to do all other sort of evil intentions to their neighbors and still say we will go to heaven just because we believe he died for us.

And the other formula is; keep and obey all the ten commandments which we all know is impossible for most of us because we live mostly according to the motives of the flesh which is in love with the act of sin and not of the spirit which finds unity in the ways and will of God. I could say it's a fact that 95% of the humans on Earth can't live a day without breaking at least 1 law in the ten commandments.

So, what are we now left with, death of course that is if we continue to live like this.

Sometimes, I view it like only 10 people will make heaven while the rest of the billions go to hell, that's ridiculous though, it could not be a fact but it could happen, who knows?

But I just felt that there is a lifestyle we can live that may certify us to make it to heaven you know, there surely is a way because that was the essence of the death of Jesus Christ, to enable the reconciliation of man to God, giving us a place to sit with the father in heavenly places, that's some good news but it's left for us to decide.

Yes, I used the word decide because the fact hasn't changed that the act of freewill that God gave us hasn't been altered with, it still remains for us to choose to believe his grace and walk in faith or it is also for us to decide to accept the free gift of salvation.

Now, the lifestyle that will redeem us is nothing, without the understanding of what it means to believe and what we are believing in. Yes, believing in the Christ Jesus as our savior and Lord through his death on the cross will make a way for us to go to heaven, but when we say " believe in Jesus" what does it mean?

Surely, I tell you it doesn't alone mean believe in the act of death which happened some thousand years ago but rather believing in the person of Jesus, so the question is we have to know who we are believing in.

Jesus can be believed in so many ways and dimensions which are: of a prophet, God, a preacher, a healer, a lover or a Saviour.

But permit me to tell you that in the dimension of salvation, believing in Jesus as a lover and savior is the only way that can assure us heaven.

Now the word "believing" it isn't complete without an act of doing what you believe in. It’s just like I will say I believe in watching movies, but I have never watch a movie in my whole life while we have a television at home, the people I tell that to will look at me as a physio and insane person who doesn't know what he is talking about.

To bring what am saying to unity, the book of Mathew 22:34-40 says *we have to love God with all our heart, mind and body and also love our neighbors as ourselves, for love is the greatest of all commandments, from these two, all the other commandments are derive.*

Ok then, love it is., now to continue, the question to what is love has to be answered, the true meaning of love is simply "the act of sacrifice" this act was shown by God through his death for us. love isn't a feeling, it's an act of kindness; trust; forgiving; giving; accepting; saving; goodness; faithfulness; care, these are all attribute of love which can only be done not felt. This proves that love isn't a feeling and only through sacrifice can you give, care, trust, accept etc. It would be ridiculous for God to says he loves us and then sit in heaven and not do anything to show it, and yes, he did show it by dying for our sins.

So if we begin to believe in Jesus as love, we accept his love, act his love and through that we begin to do good works to our neighbors just as Christ did on earth which pleases the father, only then do we stand the chance of making it to heaven. we can't please the father without faith and love. Love was what brought about the reconciliation and only the act of love can complete the reconciliation.

The thing God requires us to do is not to while away time in wondering and pondering on sin, he has taken care of that already, our sins of then, now and in the future has been taken care of. God only requires us to focus on having profound faith in Him and dispensing profound love to him and our neighbors as we do love ourselves.

For even in the last day our judgement will be based upon how we loved God through loving our neighbors here on Earth (Matthew 25:31-46) *for He will say depart from me you who do not know me, I was thirsty but you did not give me water, I was naked but you did not cloth.....and they will say when did u ask for these things from us and we didn't give you, then God will reply as you do unto your neighbor down on earth, so you did unto me.* All these are act of love which God requires from us to show here on Earth as we still are alive.

Love surpasses all things, there is no law against love, you can't love as Christ did through faith in him and then miss heaven, that's impossible!

Only the lifestyle which is based on the believe of the person of Jesus Christ as Love and savior will make it to heaven.

Love forgives

Love gives

Love trusts

Love sacrifices

Love perseveres

Love is just everything good

I believe all we need is love

A Christian even after believing isn't complete and won't make heaven without the act of love.

Love! Love! Love! is what we need to heal the world.

The act of love brought our salvation, and only the act of love will complete our salvation.

Note; (*) stands for not exact but rephrased statement from the Bible, be sure to read the referred chapters.

-Ben Mark
-Facebook @ Ben Mark

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