ARTICLE: The Act of Becoming Special - By Ben Mark

A renown Author/poet, once said "there is more beyond any level of achievement or mastery of skills you think you've reached, so the word -enough does not exist when it comes to adding value to yourself".

The word "self" exists in the life of everyone who is alive, why? Because the word self means "me".

But the word me wouldn't make sense without citing some specific qualities or values which are naturally given by God or eventually learnt within the course of life. We are unique because of our skill sets and ability to perform some activities physically or intellectually. These activities could be either being able to sing, dance, invent, think logically, speak fluently, make people laugh, ability to persuade, a good marketer etc. there are thousands of skills sets and everyone on Earth has at least one given to him/her naturally.

Looking at the nature of human beings over time, we are the most dynamic species of living things on earth, this means our ability to learn something new which we feel we want, need and decide to learn is undoubtedly possible. Besides it has been proven countless of times. For instance, at a point of time when we were young, we didn’t know how to speak English, but after going through a learning process, we do speak it and still able to adapt to new changes in that same skills. This alone proves we can learn something invented and used or naturally given by God to someone, that is how dynamic and flexible we are.

Since we all equally have skills given to us naturally, have you ever wondered how some set of people become better in life, being successful and popular over time? It's only because they decided not to be mediocre (normal like everyone else) so they decide to learn other skills they see and feel they need to learn in order to achieve specific goals that will enable them be successful, Rich and famous. We all regard these set of people as special, which is true, but the thing that makes them special isn't too special to be a mystery, it's just that these people saw the importance of adding value to themselves, which they did by expanding their horizon in skills and intellect.

Ways to add value to yourselves;

-Find a certain field you want to get conversant in, make research and pin point the certain skills you wish to learn, how to learn it and then get on with it.

-Read books written by professionals on that particular field.

-Engage in watching tutorials on that skills, and also intellectual and inspirational video clips on YouTube.

-Go to school.

These are the importance of adding value to ourselves;

-We become a better version of ourselves.

-We will be able to explore other potentials of the human nature.

-We introduce the positive peer pressure, whereby unconsciously making our peers wanting to be better when they see us being better.

-Life becomes very easy and not much knowledge can catch you in surprise.

-We tend to solve our problems which may have required us paying others to solve these problems for us.

-Our chances of being successful becomes reasonable and highly possible.

There could be more advantages that are not listed here, but the point is that you only get to become special and contribute in this sophisticated society in this 21st century only if you know the importance or adding value to yourself by learning more skills and improving in your natural talent.

-Ben mark 

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