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Writing is one essential part of life we can barely do without, this phase comes mostly after mediation and analysis etc.
The essentially of writing cannot be over emphasized, no wonder even before the combination of alphabets with there different sounds to form what we call words, and the combination of these words to form phrases as well as sentences, the ancient man made use of symbols, inscriptions, drawings (different form of writing) and what have we, to most importantly pass down ideas, cultures, values and knowledge etc.

Writing has also become a very great tool of either building up or destruction ( Just like the double edged sword), it all depends on how we make use of it. Hence one needs to be very careful when writing so as not mislead, spark up unwanted crisis between people.

This great tool has been the foundation for most movies, drama, music, sermon we listen to and watch. The art of writing is virtually carried by everyone but we have come to realize the we have persons who are gifted in penning down great things such as Script writers, publishers and the likes of that. We may want to call them professional writers as it pleases us individually, we have the likes of  Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Toyin Falola, Chris Okotie in Nigeria to mention a few.

Northern Nigerian is not left out when it comes to having great minds who write to fit and address different suits of life, it is in this light that a team of 12 - Twelve writers(for now) from Kaduna- the capital of Northern Nigeria came together to form what we have today as "NORTHSIDE AUTHORS"

These team are writers who write to impact morals and principles into lives, majorly the youths of our great country Nigeria. With the aim of staring up the passion of writing in the hearts of the youths, hence evolve the shills of writing and make known its relevance to people who seem ignorant of it.

Northside Authors are set to periodically and consistently put out contents which addresses the realities of this thing called life hence sharing ideas that will 100% be redefining and edifying.


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