ARTICLE: Your Breasts Is Small - By Princess Olamz

I was so happy my dress came out nice. I was grinning and checking out myself in the mirror when I heard; " wetin dis one dey look, small girl like you don dey wear bra"

Hian! Bros abi you don dey craze? You know me from somewhere? I almost retorted but then I'd be stooping too low so I held back.

A guy once told me, you're an amazing person, you possess every quality a man who knows what he's doing wants, the only problem is "YOU'RE TOO SLIM. "

One of my lecturers terrorized me for the whole 12 days we usually spend in camp during our sessional field trip. 
"Ibukun come here! You're going to collect food again, you'll just be wasting our food. You're eating and its not showing. Please go and get fat" he always said.

"See how she's walking as if the world revolves around her; with her dry nyash there.

"Heeeeey, long time girl, you you just dey the way I know you ooo, add small flesh na."

"The thing way you suppose use get sense, you don use am tall finish"

"Oga you suppose pay for two seat oo"

"Guy you black ehn, from far na only your teeth I been dey see."

"Babe remain one degree only you for just enter albinism"

Body shaming is an act of criticizing, making fun of, discriminating or humiliating someone because of their body size. Body shaming could be in form of a comment or action. 
Sometimes people body shame others without knowing. You know how you attribute wealth to a big bellied man, you know how you introduce someone in public and say stuffs like, the only fair lady in the building, the darkest person in the building.

A US research has shown that body shaming increases mortality rate. Don't be the reason why someone wouldn't have a reason to live anymore. In Nigeria people retort to body shaming at the opportunity. When someone offends you, you immediately take to body shame that person. Social media has made it very convenient with Twitter as the headquarters.

Everyone of us is conscious of body and we already know that we're too lean or too fat. You don't have to be a constant reminder.

For everyone out there that has been body shamed, it's not easy but learn to love your body.

I overcomes body shaming by coming to terms with my body. I had a thing for modelling while I was growing up and I developed this poise and walking step because of it.
Many people have tagged my poise as pride and body shame me for it.
It was on one of these days that I got home, cried, stripped my clothes and accessed my body.

You're slim. Yes I am.

You're have small breast. Yes I do.

Your nyash is small. Yes it is.

So why does it pain you when someone tells you, I asked myself.

Do I have a body? Yes I do, a very great one at that.

Do I have breast? Yes.

Nyash nko? I have.

I possess every physical attribute a woman should have so do you. So whether its big or not, whether you're black or white, whatever you look like, come to terms with it and it'd never bother when someone wants to remind God how he created you.

Whatever your body type is, you were fearfully and wonderfully made. You're were made in God's image and likeness; also remember that after creating you God looked at you and said; "This is good"

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