ARTICLE: I See The Good In You - By Evidence Efosa Anche

You see the pain
You see the mistakes
All you see are the times you failed
You see the hurt
You see the struggles
You see all their judgements
You see the lies
You see the frustrations
All you see are the tears you cried
You lost your way
You endured all the hate
You made the wrong decisions
You were far from perfection
You listened to their follies 
You were entangled in their stories
You couldn't tell right from wrong
You believed their words

But I see a strong woman
A cheerful spirit
A beautiful mind
A pure soul
A heart that loves, a lady who knows her flaws
I see a surviver
I see a fighter
I see someone who never gives up
I see an achiever
I see a believer
I see a woman full of wisdom
Yes, you make mistakes
Yes, you may lose your way
Yes, you may stumble and fall
But you are graced
You are blessed
You are a definition of splendor
Charming, full of favour
When everyone else seems to see your failures
When they choose to see your weakness
When they choose to see the bad
When they choose to blame you for your behavior
I choose to see a girl who is broken
A girl who needs to fill the vacuum
A girl who is in need
Who needs love, who needs to be encouraged
I choose to see that beautiful smile
The symathy and love you have for others
The joy you feel when you achieve something
The happiness you feel when you do something that matters
The excitement you feel when you can be of help to someone
A source of hope, a source of relief
A source
Someone who doesn't only think of herself
Full of care and love for others
I see someone who touches lives
Who brings laugher to people who need it the most
Who's presence and absence is felt
Who leaves a mark wherever she goes
I want you to see it too
Look past the pain
Look past the troubles
Look past what you feel right now
And see what I see
See who I made you to be
See the good in you
Block out what they say about you
Rise up and become what I want you to be
Because I see the the good in you
I see the hope in you
Believe and trust in me
And you will be the Good I've ordained you to be.
I See the Good in the Bad
I See The Good In You ❤️❤️ 

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