ARTICLE: What Is Love by "Mujeedat Olaide Olusanya (Em'jay-posh)"

I know you love me he said,
What I don't know is why are you hurting yourself, you not only keeping it, you denying your heart from feeling it. 

I think you're not who you think you are.

You not as strange or weird as you think you are. 

And you're perfectly fine. 

Though the sound of his voice took me very far away to the world of perfect imperfection, farther than I have ever taken a peak on, farther than I ever experience, but then the sharp edges of his word pierce me back to reality,

Those words are strange, it's an unknown tongue,

What is he saying?

Do I love him?

Am I denying my heart from loving?

Wait a while WHAT IS LOVE?

You see the hate we give little infants, f's everybody, 
What do you know, 
I live in a world where hatred rules, 
Never heard of love, 
In my world the reproduce system still works, 
So you want a heart fill with hatred to give love, 
Or a life fill with pain to give joy, 
Wait what ya'll thinking? 

When you hold someone suffering from abuse, telling them you understand, 
Do you? 

Do you know how it feels like to spend the night out in the rain, 

Or been chase with a cutlass by your own father, cause you never listen (not that you don't, the words just don't come out right) 

Or been call ugly all your life, even when you know you don't look that bad. 

You don't understand and never will, you don't understand how it's feel like to be stopping yourself from getting angry, so much that you just have to injure yourself just to stop your body from the high tempo rate of the anger, or the way your heart beats fast at the thought that someone wants to snatch what belongs to you again. And you will never get them back. The fear of the unknown and the pain of the known.

So Next time you see Me express my love language which is violence, 

Take a deep breath and overlook, 
Even when you try to explain to me that you understand, I will never believe you, cause if my family can betray me, a stranger can do worse, 

So yes I don't love him, and never will, cause he doesn't understand my love language and I don't speak his.

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