Abdulrahman by Pacemaker Could be the Next Album of the Season (Why?)

Abdulrahman meaning ('servant of the most gracious' and 'servant of the merciful one' in Arabic)  By The Pacemaker was initially an Extend Play project that should have been dropped last year, funny how an EP of about 6 Track-List grew to become an album housing 13 Tracks including an Intro and Outro within such a short period of time.

Abdulrahman by Pacemaker Could be the Next Album of the Season Because of the following:

Pacemaker went the extra length of working with different people (Not Just Artists) to work collectively and put out a project history will reckon with.
in terms of features, Pacemaker worked with the following artists
- Min Sam
- DjBombo
- El Muztee
- Pagez
- Winnie 
- Lizzy
- Church Mind
- Aaron Shade

These artists who are unique in their kind of musical sound, in terms of writing and delivery put in amazing effort(s) - This gave the Album which has Hip Hop as its basic genre varieties of Moods/Feels that listeners will listen and relate to, Hence doing away which the norm of a periodic kind of album that over time people will get tired of. This is exactly what an artist achieve when he/she go the extra mile to involve fellow artists from within and wide to put in their various creative touch.

We see Pacemaker working with a wide range of producers with a specialty in the different niche of music production, we over two to three producers giving their touch to a track. Hence we have top-notch Mixing & Mastering which compliments the awesome productions done on the beats.
One striking thing that will capture attention is how these producers handled sampled sounds so well -Track 8 (Amen) is one of the tracks you should look out for among others, this Track has the sampled song of the Local Sabon Rai singers we have in most Northern Churches in Nigeria and the Blend of it was top notch.

All the above were achieved by the following producers:

- D Bass Beats
- Sada Production
- Micky
- King SOS
- Izzy Beats
- Fonext
- El Muztee

Collectively Pacemaker reached out to not just a single promoter on this particular project, Just as we are humans with our differences, so are these promoters different and in their promotion strategies as well. The following are promoters he is working with:
- Krockcity Deegreez
- Vibesloaded NG
- DJ Bombo
- Urbanjams
- Northerly Media

Vibesloaded NG however gave simple yet class designs services for this project which meets standards.

Abdulrahman is a project with high content, for each track, has a particular subject matter, and great enough all the featured artists understood this and delivered in line with the subject matter of the different tracks they were featured. Hence it is and will remain a Gospel Project with high content.

Abdulrahman is scheduled to be Launched on Saturday 26th February 2022 having its Launching concert Themed: "Zero Party" to be held Tees Eatery in Kastina State


Abdulrahman will be available on online platforms ours inclusive

Abdulrahman by Pacemaker Could be the Next Album of the Season

(You might get more reasons when the project is finally out)

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