King - "The Sudden Disappearance, What could be the Reason?" (Find Out)


Many artiste disappear into the thin air mostly after dropping an awesome piece of art (song/project) funny enough it becomes a struggle when they try to step back into the scene cause at this point it feels like they are starting from the scratch - This can be quiet frustrating as we've seen with some artiste's.

Now the question is - What usually cause this sudden disappearance?

Some ascribe it to lack of funds; Wanting to discover who they are; Needing a break to concentrate on something else etc.

In same vain the disappearance of King Solomon has left many with questions as the last time it was heard from him (Musically) was sometime in March 2019 when his single -SABON RAI ft. MR. BEN" was released.

Many must have wanted more from him even as he tries in every of his songs to create a sound of his, yet maintaining the main goal of passing life changing messages for positive impact.

Even as we have lots of questions as well as think he is off the music sense, get ready to be blown away even as King drops a brand new single tomorrow - 7th May 2021. this may answer some of your questions.

He titles it - NA GOD, song is as produced by KLOZE_BEAT, Mixed & Mastered by MR. BEN, he features yet another incredible Gospel sensation - Bazzy.

Keep all fingers crossed and anticipate!

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