EXPOSED: Bitter Truth About Record Labels In Nigeria Revealed By BOC Madaki

Blessed Beyond Curse popularly known as B O C Madaki slash the back of every top record labels in Nigeria using their medium/power in torturing the lives of good music acts and extracting the pure talents in them, a threat on serious alarm in the industry this days nationwide.

The Madaki son is on a turbo gear to calm the current most disturbable saga that is killing lots of young talented artiste in the music industry now. The current virus taking down massive boys off the music business radar this days is the issues Record Labels embed into the innoccent peoples career.

Truely the Kaya A Kasa Crooner is audibly right about the biggest Record Labels in Nigeria been the automated source code of shutting down long term hustling dope melodic bodies in the country.

The Statement He Dropped Says:

Those Record Labels You Consider As The ‘Biggest In The Country’,We Got Their Deals On The Table, Contract Unbound. Be Careful What You Sign, Let Your Desperation Not Land You In Trouble…..

The Superstar ended his statement with a very strict advice as he says “Let Your Desperation Not Land You In Trouble”.

Some Record Labels are meant to be sued in jail terms forever due to their devilish intentions and take about the artiste that works under them.

The expectations were high due to the packaging they wrapped the contract with, not knowing you are signing your death sentence in the music game. Have it been the Industry is of good intensions alot of artiste would have been doing extremely fine using their creativeness in tongue rather than all this labels of nowadays that roars like a hungry lion looking for food, chasing artiste that they have streamed and see the limelights in him to dump them after usage.

Please our dear Up and coming vibrant Northern artistes  and Labels help Northern Music Industry and North as a whole not to fall any victim into things that are definately turning you down.

A Word Is Enough.


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