ARTICLE: Daddy's Home (Identity) By Evidence Efosa Anche

He restored my identity
He gave me his last name
All he wanted me to do
Was to open up my heart to him
Now I don't have to search any longer
I don't have to worry

I lost my identity
I kept searching for it
I felt forsaken
I felt discouraged
I needed to feel safe
I needed an assurance
I needed to feel the warmth
Whenever his arms were around me

I was confused
I searched hard
I looked everywhere
The bitter realizations of life
Sent chills down my spine
I wondered how I could survive it
So much pain
From the choices I had made
The tears bruised my cheeks everyday
When would it all end

I felt like I was crused
So crushed
Like this was my cros
Screaming in silence
Poundering about my life then
Looking for a way out

Then his love found me
His love brought forgiveness
It brought Joy
It brought happiness and peace of mind
Above all
His love brought the assurance of who I am in Christ
I found my identity
And I don't have to search any longer

My Daddy's Home

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