Can we get to know you?

- My name is adewale Israel aka Izzy blaq

How long have you been into music production?

- Professionally for 5 years now

How will you describe your sound? 

- I call it " afrocentric".. A mix of afrobeats with any other genre

What is the experience like to far?

- Omo..not been easy.. Very difficult as an upcoming producer

What was it like working with demmie vee?

- Demmie is very easy and simple to work with.. He motivates me. E noe dey gimme problem, he knows What he wants

If you weren't doing music production what would you pick up as an option?

- I will probably be a lawyer.. Smiles

If you have the opportunity of signing a record deal with a topnotch label in Nigeria who's label will that be?

- Starboy !


- Perfect blend for my sound

Any current project you are working on?

- I intend to drop a production ep of 5 different beats to put out there

What inspired this project?

- Nothing really.. Just wanna put my stuff out there for the world to hear my sound and connect to it

Do you sing?
- smiles....occasionally, am full of vibes 🤣

If yes should we expect a single? 

- No! No single at all

Closing remark

- just wanna appreciate everyone showing me love and support this far, ain't gonna let you down best believe 

Social media handles

INSTAGRAM: izzy_blaq 

SNAPCHAT : izzy_blaq

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