ARTICLE: Football Piece - By Evidence Efosa Anche

I am here
Amazed by what I see

The scene
Takes my breath away

Yeah, the wind agrees
And the birds feel at ease

The beautiful weather
The soft grass

The wavy waters
The amazing match

I look around to behold the wonder
While enjoying this game of younger

Football, is the center of attraction
They play with all passion

And their gaze is fixed on the trophy
But he turns to look at me, staring

His eyes are fixed and tell a story
The warmth I see got me thinking

Is this love I see

The way he moves with the ball is golden
His got the wisdom of an Eagle

Strength of a Lion

The ball is a treasure beyond recognition
He loves the waves
His enchanted by the rays

His in another world


His in control

His not opposed

His free to dispose

To execute without control

His loving it

When he turns to me

I see it

That his heart is fixed on

This reason

It's special, It's real

It's him and I love it. 

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