ALBUM: Meegwan - Blvck Swvn [Playlist]

A Bl^ck sw^n is a phenomenal where no one can predict what’s going to happen and when it happens it leaves an impact 

I feel like with this playlist, I’m dropping a black swan in the sense that at first you will be expecting a normal Arewa vibe but it is totally different and new sound and melody! Which I feel like has never been done in the Arewa Music industry 

I’m still trying to get to more people and get more people to vibe and enjoy the new wave! The new Arewa 

Faraway and Scooby Doo both give different perspectives of life and everything around us 

Hope you guys enjoy it

Meegwan "Bl^ck Sw^n" Track-List Below 

Far Away (ft Timothy) 

Scooby Doo 

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Instagram @meegwan_

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