NEWS :Happy New Year (2019) Message From Us At Northerly Media

A Big congratulations to all out there who made it into the year 2019, The year 2018 was a great and awesome year which had its huddles,  setbacks but we give glory to God. 

Most of us lost beloved ones to the colds hands of death,  it is our believe and prayers that those we lost are resting well at right hand side  of God the Almighty. 


We first and foremost give glory to God Almighty for the growth and the journey so far, Northerly Media wouldn't have been where it is now without His grace. 

The entire Northerly Media team want to use this medium to say a big thank you to everyone who stuck with us throughout the year 2018, you all have been amazing,  we lack word to express our gratitude for you accepting our blog as yours in terms of  News and Entertainment updates,  we are indeed very grateful. 

We say a big thank you to people who took time to inbox us encouraging words,  words of advise, corrections, recommendations and motivation. These words has kept us going even in times of the hardship we faced. 

Thanks also to those who helped prayerfully and materially we can never forget your contributions,  you all are part of our success story. 

Thanks to artistes, fellow bloggers, graphic designer,  TBC Crew and entertainers as a whole for believing in the little dream we had. 

To our parents we are indeed grateful most especially for your patience with us,  we cannot thank you enough. 


We also want to use medium to call on every youth out there with great dreams,  ideas and vision to please not relent, the start up is never easy but that what makes our stories much inspiring and interesting.  Keep working towards that goal,  never belittle little beginning for it takes just a small seed to produce a big tree with fruits.  See every challenge you face as part of the journey to succcess  and never forget to always call on God.  We are all destined for greatness, let the passion for what you do be your driving spirit.  


Even as the 2019 elections approaches  with campaigns here and there,  we at Northerly urge everyone most especially we the youth not engage in any form of violence nor sell our vote which is our right,  lets work towards putting the credible people we want to lead us at the various political offices of the Federation in those offices using our vote.  Together we can make Nigeria the better place we want it to be. 


We really wish could give out gifts of all kind to people out there for the support ,  but we believe everything has a time and season,  we will surely get to that point by God's grace. 

Everyone out there brought us to the point we are today,  we did a lot together last year,  lets do more this year. 


(please make use of our comment box to write suggestions, recommendations and even complaints) 

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