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In no particular order kaduna celebrity blogger KEL CYPHA compiled a list of the 5 Krockcity Rappers that Will never be Forgotten in a Hurry.

Name: D'dam Ilya Ajeye
Code Name - D.I.A

D.I.A is arguably one of the greatest lyricist in hip-hop Krockcity has ever heard, living or dead, recently he started a trend that history will live to remember, the #Rapp mixtape genius Started the #DamnYouPayMe movement which has been widely Accepted by Every single Artiste in the Mainstream. few months ago His song “Simple and short” was a known Anthem even by little kids. He has the most controversial Song of 2018 #PVC, well to some it was the Best they've heard.

Name: Zachary Kwaga
Code Name: President ZIK 

EL presidente as known to some, president ZIK to many and Zach to Fams is one Lyricist whose unique and incredible skills can never be Over emphasized, President ZIK is a Combination of (JayZ, J.Cole, K.Dot and Tory Lanez. The BHP (Big headphones) rap god has been an inspiration to many and a mentor to only the best heads. After His mixtape CLASS OF 92 Gained major acceptability Zik came back with hits upon hits, he was featured on Evergreen O.N.J By BHP's ROSS and he came back again with HEAT and now his Trending single YOU DON'T KNOW featuring C4 and The OFF BALANCE TAPE is still number one on Various radio stations and Online platforms Nationwide.

Name: Kevin Words 
Code Name: Kevin Kong Marley 

Need I say more? I Thought the name spoke for itself because I also got the GAS After Saying Kevinwords!!! Who No know GAS? The 108Gang Marlian Kevin Words is not your regular Mc but the Full package. The dream feature on the song of every Artiste home and Abroad. I don't know where to start mentioning his hits from But I'll say it in one Sentence

Name: Enoch Paul Solomon
Code name: Nifty Breezy 

First I'll Advise you Listen to THE NEXPECTATION And then you'll realize that Krockcity gat it like no other. Nifty Breezy is one of the Selected Few, he is the brain behind most of the hit songs you bang your heads to and not Just as an Artiste but Also as a Bada$$ Producer. His recent features have set the spotlight on him including Award winning KUDI NA KAWAI By Vonjay. Nifty's Last project was titled Fall For the Trap after which he released a single Demi Allah.

Name: Anthony Adams
Code Name: Tony Warp

Tony Warp is both the greatest New School rapper and the most avant-garde artist in hip-hop to ever walk the face of the Earth. The brains Behind ART OF NOICE Mixtape is about as real as rap gets. stuffed with constant similes and marvelously wordy songs (If the word does exist) but it’s backed by unmatched production that other rappers would not dare touch, full of Unique samples and near-impossible tempos and he just released Another soul Soothing single 'Highs And Lows' . 
Tony Warp is here to stay for a very long time. Yes I said it...



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