ARTICLE: Cry Of A Broken Hearted Girl - By Evidence Efosa Anche

All I feel is pain
Like a knife piercing through
The Tears fall down my eyes
Leaving traces of sadness
And guilt hung up inside
All I hear is noise
Am so disturbed
I can't seem to breath with ease
All I do is fall on my knees
I try to be strong but every time I see you
I can't resist the urge
I want you
But the reality that your gone
Makes it seem like all is lost
I wanna hold you but I have to let go
Cause it won't be fair to you
But you gotta understand that am human too
I have feelings
I get hurt
And am uncertain
Am not always strong
But all you do is say harsh words
Give other girls attention
And leave me in detention
Am scared
Scared to wake up and not see you
Waking up without a text from you
Going to bed without a call from you
This is all new to me
I got so used to you
But you don't understand me
You think you know it all but you don't
I gave you everything
My whole heart.
So I have to retrieve it little by little
But all you do is tell me what to do
All I ask from you
Is to listen to me
Listen to my silent voice in the mist of the noise
Listen to my cries cause am heartbroken
Look at my tears with a bit of remorse
Stop been bitter
Let go of struggle
Give me just a little of your attention
Show me that your here
You promised you'll always be my friend
Help me through this
Don't shut me out
Cause I need you too
Time will heal every wound
But love and care will heal it faster ....
This love might be lost
But we can still work on our friendship

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