Exclusive Hangout With "EMMYJAY" (The Interview)

TRENDY BLOG CHAIN (TBC) is crew which currently comprises of three(3) fast rising blogs @Northerlymedia, @Peeroysblog & @Firstclassamebo. TBCs are set to spotlight fast rising stars through their EXCLUSIVE HANGOUT/ INTERVIEW program. 

Today 2nd December 2018 marks the first edition of  the program and on this edition we hosted fast rising Kaduna artiste and producer EMMYJAY of CAMP SQUARD ENTERTAINMENT.

Below are the details of our interview with today at YUMMILICIOUS Barnawa Kaduna.

TBC: So Whats up, can we get to know you, like your real name, since everybody knows you as Emmyjay, ?

EMMYJAY:  My Real Name is Emmanuel Ibrahim, Am 19 years, am a rapper and also  a music producer.

TBC: What a great name you have, so where did the "Jay" in your stage name come from, cause I believe the "Emmy" came from your name Emmanuel?

EMMYJAY: Lol, I was thinking you weren't going to ask.  Well the "Jay" comes from my Dad's English name "John" though he doesn't really use it so I picked up from there.

TBC:  Wow that's awesome,  So can you just in a summary tell us about your background?

EMMYJAY:  Well....., My family is from Kaduna, my dad is a pastor and also a lecturer, i also have three siblings.

TBC:  Wow that's Interesting, so tell us is, your  dad in support of your music ?

EMMYJAY:  Hmmm...., well for now my Dad is not in support of my music , he feels its not inline with what he does so he wants me to do it the gospel way.

TBC: Wow I see, so how do you cope most especially in this situation in which your dad isn't in support of your music?

EMMYJAY:  I wont lie  to you, it has not been easy, we thank God for everything.

TBC: Sorry we forgot to ask about your tribe, that's something we really want to know and I believe fans out there too want to know your tribe.

EMMYJAY: Hmmmm.... If i tell you guys you probably wouldn't believe me cause I tell lot of people and they hardly believe me.

TBC:  Bro just talk because we are anxious to get to know which tribe is EMMYJAY from o.

EMMYJAY: Okay..., am Hausa  by tribe  but a christian o!, though my great grandparent were Muslims but somewhere along the line they got converted.

TBC: That's nice, when did you officially  start music?

EMMYJAY: I started music officially in the year 2013, I started writting music way back in school, I attend social nights where people rap and perform.

TBC: Who inspire you in the music industry?

EMMYJAY: In Nigeria or outside Nigeria?

TBC: Both

EMMYJAY: As for Nigeria  M.I Abaga and Black Bone. As for outside Nigeria Nasty C, Drake and others but thses are the basic.

TBC: Wait o, i actually forgot to as if you are currently schooling

EMMYJAY:  Yea am currently schooling a Kaduna State University (KASU)  200 level Department of  Mass Communication.

TBC: That's nice, so tell us how do you cope joining music and schooling?

EMMYJAY: It's very tough, Am even suppose to do my registration but I haven't due to the fact that music has taken away my time. Sometime I don't sleep at home, am mostly in the studio but however I thank God I've been able to have a balance between them both.

TBC: So tell us, professionally  what is your goal?

EMMYJAY: My goal is to put out my music globally, as in every country out there.

TBC: How many Albums/ Ep's have you released so far, cause i only know of  "20 DEM 17" and "9TEEN" Ep.?

EMMYJAY:  I have four released EP's  which are: "20 DEM 17", "9TEEN", "TRAPPED" my joint E.p and "YOU ARE WELCOME" which I did with no features.

TBC: How has the reaction been from fans after the release of these projects?

EMMYJAY: The love was mad right from the first project i dropped. I wasn't really popular when I dropped it but since then new fans keep on coming. I must say, the love is mad.

TBC: Do you write your songs?

EMMYJAY:  Yes I write all my songs

TBC: You mean you write, produce and mix your songs?


TBC: Amazing, I never knew you had two other E.p's. So let's come down to Kaduna entertainment, who is your inspiration in Kaduna entertainment?

EMMYJAY: I think I will say Kel-Cypha because i came up under him and then D.I.A also, I love D.I.A.

TBC:  For you to be nominated  in two categories in the KEA 2018 Awards, The Next Rated Artiste and Best Rap Song categories, how does that make you feel?

EMMYJAY:  I feel blessed, last year I submitted my entries but they snubbed me, but this year i didn't even submit but I saw my name.

TBC: So tell us, do you believe you are going to win?

EMMYJAY: I believe I have done a lot and by God's grace I will.

TBC:  Your song "Drunk For Thought" (Part 2) being nominated for best rap song alongside DJ Cinch, Niffty Breezy, GAD and so on  whats the feeling like?

EMMYJAY: I feel honored for being nominated  for same categories with these big artiste, though its a tough category any how it turns out it's still a win for me.

TBC: What do you have to say about the new system of voting  which involves paying with credit cards before having access to vote artiste's into various categories of the KEA 2018 Awards, is it a step in the right direction?

EMMYJAY: First of all I will say they are probably trying to make profit, but for me I don't think its the right step for right now most especially for a city like Kaduna, at least not now. I don't know if it will workout for them but I pray it does.

TBC: Are you  doing a joint mix-tape with Kel-Cypha?

EMMYJAY: As for "For The Culture" it's his solo mix-tape, but we are working on a different project. Beside's am always with him, so when ever we are in the studio  we try out new stuffs. we then decided to drop a joint E.p let these songs not be a waste.

TBC: Wow, so can we know the Title of the Mix-tape, at least make E be say people first hear am from TBC Crew?

EMMYJAY:  Hmmm..., you these guys lol, well the mix-tape is titled "Love & War", its actually Kel-Cypha's  concept. Half of the mix-tape is pure rap while the other half is a combination of rap R&B and hip hop. The Hip hop part of the mix-tape represents  "War", a call to other rappers out there. While the R&B part represents "Love".

TBC:  Wow Kaduna should expect fire from you guys. so when do you both plan on releasing the Mixtape?

EMMYJAY: Lols, these guys, anyway very soon. I don't even  the date sef.

TBC: I believe you should know "Twiglava", have you guys worked on anything together?

EMMYJAY: Yes we worked on a track sometime this year but its his song and it isn't really out.

TBC:  Your working on a song along side DJ Moore and I.B.I, how was it?

EMMYJAY: Sha, we've been friends with DJ Moore, He hallad me and told me of a song he wants us to work on. He sent me the beat, I.B.I came to my studio to record, I didn't record my verse cause I had to go to Zaria, it was after my Journey I then recorded my verse. I thank God it was a success.

TBC:  Have you done any video, as in is there any video on ground?

EMMYJAY: Yes Dip-Ace did a frre Video for me after listening to my song, I did another one but we didnt drop it due to issues but 2019 Videos go choke.

TBC: So far have you been engaged in any controversy as an artiste?

EMMYJAY: I haven't been in any serious one, I personally am, a simple guy. whenever something tries to go wrong I always try to see I settle it with the person(s) involved.

TBC: Back to your personal life, are you in any relationship or you are single and searching?

EMMYJAY: Am single, my Bluetooth dey ON, always ON but i can't say am searching cause my mind and focus isn't there at least for now.

TBC: Lols okay o, so you know say as per celebrity way you be, how do you cope with ladies even as dem dey rush you?

EMMYJAY: Well am more focused on my work, not that I don't hangout with girls o but when I've got something am working on, I simply face my work.

TBC: You haven't answered my question o, okay.... in a situation where by the ladies keep coming what will you do?

EMMYJAY: I will simple just make sure we are friends  without really letting them get attached.

TBC: So any new thing, as what should fans expect?

EMMYJAY:  I don't think I will be dropping any single till next year, but if am to dropped it will probably be a cover. But i've got stuff.

TBC: Any advice for upcoming artiste?

EMMYJAY: Lols, me sef be upcoming o. My advice is short and simple, work hard cause it's very important. Also be humble cause humility pays and above all always pray to God.

TBC: As for us the crew any advice for us , should we stop? lol

EMMYJAY: Stop?, no o you guys should keep pushing, you guys should not stop, keep pushing men.

TBC: Don't know if you have any shout outs, if you do you can ahead to make those shout outs.

EMMYJAY:  First of all a big shout out to you guys. Shout out to my fans out there.  Shout out to kel-Cypha who is doing a good work. And finally shout out to CAMP SQUARD my family.

TBC: Thank you so much for honoring our invitation, on behalf of the entire TBC crew we say  big thank you and wish you the best of everything.

 EMMYJAY:  And thanks to you guys too, I must  say i fill honored


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