ARTICLE: Stay Woke (The Motivation) By Shammah David

Everybody wants to look good, everyone wants to buy 'Mama Benz' and most importantly we all want to stay independent without asking for one thing or the other from people. That's where the act 'Hustle' comes to play.

Hustling doesn't just mean you must go to a construction site, carry blocks around and keep sweating like the others do. To some people who are very brilliant with academics, burning the candle at night, attending tutorials, going to the library during free periods and continous research could be your own form of hustle. At the end of your days at the University, you get a paid job instantly because you graduated with a first class. It paid off.

The main Idea about hustling is to do something today that will pay off tomorrow, don't stop and don't fold arms doing nothing. Everyday the population keeps increasing and opportunities are declining, it's that thing you are good at today that will help you tomorrow.

You can never hustle unless you find a reason to. As a matter of fact we all have one. Nobody is ever contented with their present situation, we want to move to the Next Level. We all don't like to be disrespected, so when you hustle for yourself the results will bring you money and in this part of the world we all know that money stops nonsense. We all have mothers whom their whole life was spent working to make us the better people we are today. So on and on the list can go down, there's always a reason to hustle.

But a good and solid reason to hustle is because you've found purpose, you have see the reason for your creation on earth and not on some other planets. You know your dreams and you want to achieve them. You've discovered that if you don't follow it, there will be a gap and the next generation to come will suffer for your sake. You've also seen that you need to create a legacy, tomorrow you'll be no more, you ought to leave a trace that people will follow for their betterment.

Perhaps you've not found purpose, truth is everybody is different, mine might not be yours. But you can find it easily here: What's that thing you do very well with little or no effort at all (That's your gift)? How can you use that thing to bring about change, transformation and affect lives positively??? That's your purpose.

Our Problem lies where we leave our purpose to go and follow another self created purpose, then we begin to struggle and at the end of the day we fail. Jonah at first refused to follow his purpose, he followed a ship and caused problems for innocent people in there. At the end of the voyage he was in the belly of a big fish. Thank God for second chance, he later did what he was meant to. 

Probably everything you are thinking of is being done by someone. Sometimes 10 or more people are doing the only thing you can think of. That's no big deal, you can be unique in your own way, do that thing differently and see how it will work for you. 

Bottom line: Stay Woke, find your purpose and use your gifts to achieve them successfully. The power of an early start cannot be over emphasised. Start your hustle now, many things will come to bring you down, but they shouldn't let you down, they are only meant to build you up. God bless you 

-ShamJay Clik2Boss

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