ARTICLE: Love Piece By Evidence Efosa Anche

Love is a million words written in a sentence

Love is a million stars shinning so bright in the sky

Love makes everything beautiful

Love makes everything imperfect perfect

Love is a lot of amazing things in one

But without you love is empty

Without you love is meaningless

Without you love is like everything else

Without that smile the world seems so dark

Without that spark in your eyes the stars seem not to shine

Without you here the sky is not so bright anymore

Love is you

Love is amazing with you

Love is worth while with you

I could say a thousand words

Lift a million phrases

Search for illustrations

Express myself with diagrams

But the feeling you give

Cannot be defined

It's way too deep

For me to explain

But all I can say is

I love you

More than the rays of the sun

More than the stars of the sky

More than the beautiful rainbows

More than the breeze of the night

More than the rain from the clouds

More than the moon that shines

I love you

And love would be nothing without you.



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