ARTICLE: Challenges Piece By Evidence Efosa Anche

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Challenges got us feeling sad
It's got us weak
It's got us breaking
It's made us cry bitterly
We're so confused
We're so tired
Lost in this state of bewilderment
All we feel is negative energy
It's like all hope is lost
For you and me
We're just in that vicious circle
Thinking of the next step to take
But we got so lost
That all we see
Is no way out of here
We sit and wait all day
In our secret place
But when we are in the market place
We smile like nothing ever happened
We relate, we seem to forget
But deep down it's tearing us apart
But in the mist of it all
The dark clouds surrounding us
We still hold on tight
Cause we know the better days
Are soon to come
So we face our situation head on
We are Kings
We are strong
Today might be dark
But tomorrow the sun will shine brighter than before
Life is worth living.


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