ALBUM: J-Revelation_Ecclesia (Complete Album Download)

ECCLESIA which means called out ones
The whole picture of the album is for the church to come out from her walls to influence the system of the world 
Keeping away religion denominations and cultural difference 
Coming out to be light to the world

The album is produced at Audio city 
By Yaroline and Emilkeys

J-Revelation_Ecclisia Album Track-list Below:

  1. Called Out Ones | | DOWNLOAD Mp3         (4.9Mb)
  2. Slave Free  | | DOWNLOAD Mp3                 (4.9Mb)
  3. Pedigree | | DOWNLOAD Mp3                     (4.9Mb)
  4. Rat Race | | DOWNLOAD Mp3                    (4.7Mb)
  5. Box Of Aliens | | DOWNLOAD Mp3           (5.2Mb)
  6. 3ree Firing Sticks | | DOWNLOAD Mp3      (4.8Mb)
  7. Creative Bond | | DOWNLOAD Mp3           (3.4Mb)
  8. I Am Not a Christian | | DOWNLOAD Mp3 (5.2Mb)
OR Download  Complete Album (Zip Folder 36.7Mb)

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